Wind Energy and water condensation from one wind turbine

by Andy on November 14, 2012

What would you say if you were told that one wind turbine produces energy from the wind and water from the moisture in the air? It is impossible? A French company, Eole Water, has made this possible by creating a wind turbine which produces drinking water from the air moisture. We can safely state that using a renewable green energy source, the wind, we can produce ‘’an all green’’ drinking water.  This innovation will improve the quality of life of many people in remote areas.

The wind turbine

Many companies dealing with the wind energy try to innovate around the components used for the production of wind energy. Eole Water has however come up with a different all green innovation. Its innovative wind turbine takes advantage of two components in the air, the wind to turn the wind turbine and the moisture in the air to produce water. The turbine is known as the WMS1000 model.

How is water collected?

Eole comes from the Greek mythology and word Eolos was the name of the wind keeper. So Eole water is the water which comes from the wind/air.

The wind turbine has a fan which sucks in the air. Then a cooling compressor which is found in the generator compartment condensates the moisture found in the air. Then the water is collected, filtered to meet the World Health Organization, WHO, standard stored in a tank and delivered though a tap to the needy consumers. The company claims that the wind turbine can produce up to 1200 liters a day of pure drinking water!

Where can the wind turbine be used?

This innovative wind turbine can be used everywhere and anywhere but it would be most beneficial in areas where either there is no or little drinking water available or at locations where the quality of water is not suitable for drinking. There are many communities which are not privileged to have drinking water and this innovation gives them chance to have drinking water to satisfy their needs.

The Wind turbine technology

The innovative wind turbine technology of the WMS1000 turbine has been adapted to satisfy customer requirements and it is designed around the following three major principles:

Offers drinking water on a sustainable basis

The fact that water is always available in the air makes the WMS1000 wind turbine a more attractive and reliable source of drinking water over other sources like wells. The wind turbine has been designed in such a way so as to reliably collect water for a period of 20 years problem free and with minimum maintenance. The turbine is capable of producing up to about 1200 liters of water per day.

Autonomous Operation

The wind turbine is completely autonomous. It uses the wind to generate the amount of electricity required to collect, condensate, and filter and store water.  The wind turbine is capable of producing 30KW of electricity making the turbine ideal for remote locations in the desert of elsewhere.

Preservation of the Environment

Wind power is the renewable green energy source needed to run the turbine. Wind as a renewable energy source, RES, does not produce any CO2 emissions thus its environmental impact is none.

The wind turbine by Eole Water is indeed an environmentally friendly turbine, which uses one of the renewable energy sources, wind, saves energy and produces drinking quality water for the needs of people in remote locations

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