Tips on saving energy and water from your washing machine

by Peter on March 30, 2012

Even though air-conditioning and heating make up for around half of the consumption for a household there is still the other half to consider. Below is a list from saving energy and water from your washing machine:

  1. If your washing machine needs replacement consider buying a front loader. A front loader uses just one third of the water that top loaders need and as a result of that they need less electricity to heat water (heating of the water makes for almost 85% of the electricity that a washing machine uses.) In addition they squeeze more water out of clothes and thus they take less time in your dryer to dry.
  2. Make sure that you that when you buy a new washing machine is an energy star appliance if you are in theUSAthat uses around 30% less electricity than ordinary washing machines or if you are inEuropeit is an A+++ class energy class appliance.
  3. New detergents work perfectly well at 30 degrees giving the same results that old detergents would have given you with 60 or 90 degrees so there is no need to spend energy in heating water to a higher level anymore.
  4. Always try to have a full load when using your washing machine. Moreover make sure that the clothes weight in the drum is evenly distributed.
  5. Read the manufacturers manual and follow the instructions on how to save electricity, water and type of detergent that you should be using.
  6. Turn off the water supply if you are going for a trip or vacation.


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