The 3Rs, Reduce Reuse Recycle, concept – a Reuse initiative

by Andy on January 24, 2013

We have mentioned in several of our articles the 3Rs, Reduce Reuse Recycle, concept and we have given several examples of how various ‘’things’’ can be reused or recycled and how we can reduce the consumption or spending on ‘’unnecessary’’ things. In this article we discuss how a Reuse initiative can contribute to the 3Rs concept and philosophy.         

The 3Rs – Reduce Reuse Recycle

The 3Rs initiative is well known in all developed countries and as a matter of fact the degree that the 3Rs initiative is implemented in a country is measured and included in the quality of life index in that country. The 3Rs initiative transforms into activities the actions resulting from the 3 words: Reduce Reuse Recycle.

Reduce: with this action we are called to reduce overconsumption and thus reduce the amount of waste we throw way in one or the other form. The waste burdens our environment.

Reuse: means that we are called to reuse, unwanted by others, materials, tool or anything else a consumer would throw away and transform it to something useful.

Recycle: we all understand what we mean by recycle and recycling. Instead of throwing to the landfills certain types of material like, glass, paper and tin cans, we recycle them so that they would be transformed into something useful and reusable.

There are numerous schemes, initiatives and companies in all the developed countries which capitalize on the 3Rs initiative or just one of the 3Rs. The example below is an example of how the Reuse initiative is promoted.

The Reuse initiative in Netherlands

The recent initiative in the Netherlands within the concept of the 3Rs is the introduction of a transparent bag, known as Goedzak which is used by homeowners or businesses to dispose unwanted for them ‘’things’’ which may be useful for someone else.

The bag was created by Waarmakers and the thinking behind this transparent bag is simple. The bags which are filled with unwanted by the owner things, are left on the sidewalk next to other trash ready to be inspected by passers-by who can take whatever they need for Reuse. In the meantime the items in the bag will stay dry and clean for a long period of time.

The advantages of this idea, using the bag with the Goedzak logo, is that

  1. It enables people to Reuse items they no longer need
  2. It sets the direction and culture for reusing unwanted items
  3. It lets people know that items in the bag are available to be collected by anyone.
  4. If the items in the bag are not collected then the garbage collectors can pick up this bag along with the other trash.

On their website, Waarmakers, state that they design things which bring positive social change and trigger specific behaviour. This is the spirit and the momentum the 3Rs concept wants to achieve and for this to happen more people are needed to contribute. We should all try to promote the 3Rs, Reduce Reuse Recycle, so as to ensure that we save valuable resources of our planet and reduce the impact on the environment.

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