Saving Energy Tips for Summer

by Anton Right on June 10, 2012

When summer comes we all try to find ways to feel cooler and be more comfortable inside the house.  During hot periods we spend a lot of our energy bill to reduce the temperature of our house. By getting prepared for summer and by following a few simple steps we can save a lot on our energy bill.

  • If you use central air-conditioning system install an ENERGY STAR programmable thermostat. Use multiple zone thermostats to set different temperatures to different areas (zones) of your house.
  • Unless there are medical restrictions, it is recommended to set your thermostat at around 77 oF (25 oC) while you are at home. When you are out of the house set the thermostat and at around 84 – 86 oF (29 – 30 oC) if you will leave the house for a short period of time. If you plan to be out of the house for a long period of time it is best to turn it off. The above guidelines should be adjusted according to the outside temperature at the area where you leave. Remember that you can save up to 3% of your energy bill for every degree above 73 oF (23  oC).
  • If you don’t have central air-conditioning system the above rules apply to each room that you have an air-conditioning unit. It is best however to turn on the air-conditioning system only in the room that you will spend some time and to keep the doors closed.
  • Use ceiling fans in the rooms that you use more often and particularly in the bedrooms. Fans allow the air to circulate more efficiently and maintain a lower temperature in the room. This will allow you to increase the temperature of your thermostat up to 4 – 5 oF (2 – 3 oC). Make a careful selection of fans that are not noisy in order to make you feel comfortable in the room.
  • You can even install a whole fan in your attic that will circulate the air throughout the whole house. This will operate during the night and during the morning when the outside temperature is less than 80 oF (26 oC). It will force warm air outside the attic’s vent or window and allow cool air inside the house.
  • Drink plenty of water as this will help you to cool down.
  • If you live in an area where during the night there is a significant drop in the temperature, turn off your air-conditioning system and open the windows in way the will allow cool air to circulate in your house.
  • Properly maintain your air-conditioning system before the summer period begins. Ask a professional for help for proper maintenance. Clean your air-conditioning filters regularly (at least once a month). Proper maintenance will not only save on your energy bill but will also make the atmosphere inside the house healthier.
  • Wherever possible use warm or cold water in your washing machine when doing your laundry. Also, avoid using the dryer to dry your clothes. The drying machine is one of the most energy consuming devices of the house.
  • Insulate the house and the roof with insulating material and the windows with high performance double glazed windows. This will prevent heat from entering the house and will allow your air-conditioning system to cool the house more effectively.
  • Use shades and/or solar control window films on your windows in order to prevent direct sunlight from entering your house. Trees around your house can be even more effective.

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