Reduce Reuse Recycle Tips

by Andy on September 12, 2012

Reduce, reuse and recycle should become part of everybody’s life if we are to succeed in our efforts to save energy, reduce the impact on environment and make our planet a better place to be for us and our children. We all have a responsibility to take actions and however small our contribution is, we can help to make the difference.

The three R’s for the 21st century come from the actions Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The following are some Reduce Reuse Recycle Tips of how and where our actions and responsibility comes into place:


  • Reduce the collected waste from your home or business by implementing a careful and planned waste management process of paper and glass recycling
  • Businesses and offices should reduce or recycle office paper. Reduce by not printing or printing in duplex forms and recycle by introducing at key areas recycle bins/baskets.
  • Reduce kitchen and food waste where possible. This can be applicable at hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and even households. Cook what you need to eat or refrigerate for later use. Remember that food supplies are limited and some times scarce.
  • Think before you throw away. It is suggested that you Reuse and/or repair to the extent possible instead of throwing things away.
  • Stop using the incandescent bulbs. Switch to the new energy saving bulbs throughout your business or home
  • Recycle printer cartridges that cannot be refilled. Most printer companies have special recycling programs that you can follow.
  • Prevention is better than cure. So it is highly recommended that you monitor the usage of energy, electricity and water on a daily basis. Monitoring can prevent waste and leakages and will certainly reduce unnecessary expenses.


  • Save energy by reducing lighting during the days of increased daylight or when special areas such as corridors of hotels are not used by guests.
  • Reuse and recycle packaging materials. This is especially applicable for businesses which receive packages or for companies which deal with imports and exports.
  • Cooperate with people, businesses, manufacturers and suppliers who share the Reduce Reuse Recycle vision. These are the people and businesses which operate in environment friendly manner and their actions act positively to your actions.
  • Unplug unused devices. Devices that are plugged drain power. This is true for cell phone chargers, PCs, laptops etc. Drainage of power happens even if these devices are not used. One good example is the cell phone charger where only 5% of the electricity is used for charging the mobile phone while the rest 95% is wasted!
  • Save Water. Reuse towels at home and hotels. This means you save water; less washing also means less detergent usage and this implies less pollution of water resources. Take a shower instead of a bath and turn off the tap when you shave or brush your teeth.
  • Lights out. Get out of the habit to leave lights on overnight when you sleep. If you must leave a light one use eco-friendly low power consuming nightlights.
  • Switch off water refrigerators. The special hot and cold water refrigerators used in offices and reception areas can be switched off during weekends and nights when offices are closed. This saves about 45% of their total electricity consumption.

The above list is just an indicative list of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle tips that we have compiled so as to get you started. Suggestions and improvements as well additions are welcome since the effort is collective and the goal is common to all: save energy, save the planet.

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