Pedal Power powers mobile Coffee Machine

by Andy on September 29, 2012

Pedals power portable coffee machine and saves energy. This is another Green energy saving innovation announced and demonstrated in London, UK. We have recently posted two articles about the use of pedal power. One was the pedal power in prisons to produce electricity and the other was the use of pedal power to wash clothes and save energy in developing countries.

The company called Velospresso offers the mobile coffee machine which sits on a tricycle and is powered by the power produced by the bicycle wheels. The idea was conceived and designed in London by two former Royal College of Art students. The students developed a mobile coffee machine on a customized trike. The tricycle is used to ride the espresso maker around various locations in the city where demand for coffee exists. However the setup and design enables the power produced from the pedals to power the bike for the movement around at one time and then switch this power, when the trike is stationary, to power the coffee grinder so as to produce freshly grinded coffee. The hot water used for coffee comes from the gas-powered boiler which on board. All of these enable the production of hot freshly grinded coffee without the use of electricity thus saving energy. Velopresso’s founders are committed to make this mobile pedal powered coffee machine even greener and eco-friendly by exploiting ways to re-use the old grounds.

It has to be noted that this design has won the Creative Enterprises award of Deutsche Bank.

It is great to see more and more green energy saving innovations coming out from young entrepreneurs and it would be even more beneficial to see these ideas being commercialized and really contributing to the effort for a greener and clean environment.

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