How to Save Energy, Reduce CO2 emissions and save the environment

by Andy on November 24, 2012

There are many ways to save energy and there are many sources of CO2 emissions. One such source of C02 emissions are the cars in the streets. CO2 emissions are the major source of pollution. You may wonder how all these are related. A UK scheme is in place which has managed to combine all these for the benefit of our environment.

The Green Scheme

A new Green initiative, a Green scheme called the Scrap Car Plant Tree, has the ambition to turn the traditional polluters, the cars, to environment savers! How is this possible? We are all aware of the problem a lot of people face disposing their old and unusable car. Many countries have the infrastructure of collecting old and unused cars and turning them into junk but this is done for a price that the owners pay. This option leads to the recycling of the car and its individual components.  A second option people have is to abandon their car in empty lots, fields or other remote locations like forests polluting the environment.

Now there is a third option, at least in the UK. You can donate your car to the Scrap Car Plant Tree. You simply fill in the donation form and this organization will undertake to pick up your car at no cost. Donated cars are either sold for recycling or sold at auctions for people to fix them and use them. The average income per car from the donation is about GBP 100 (160 USD).  The whole process can also fall under the reduce reuse recycle motto since donated cars may be reused by other people or recycled.  The process of donating your car is simple and it shown on the Scrap Car Plant tree website in 3 simple steps.

How does donating car save the environment?

There are two ways that the donation of an old car saves the environment. By donating your old car you ensure that the car is properly disposed in way the all recyclable parts are appropriately used and this reduces the impact of a possible pollution on the environment. Cars do a lot of damage to the environment during their lifetime. The second way is the fact that the income received by the Scrap Car Plant Tree organization is used for planting new trees in various regions of the UK. We all know that trees help the environment by absorbing the CO2 emissions while at the same time they dispose hydrogen which is needed by humans.

How do we save energy?

We all know that recycling saves resources, raw material and energy.  Through recycling we do not have to start from the first stage of the manufacturing process. This way we save energy, resources, time and money.

How do we reduce the CO2 emissions?

Through recycling we reduce the use of raw material in manufacturing thus the manufacturing process is shorter meaning that less energy is used and thus less CO2 emissions are released in the atmosphere.

One donated car can plant up to 13 trees while a car sold at an auction can plant many more. So we should all have the incentive to donate our old and unwanted car.

The Scrap Car Plant Trees initiative has two objectives: remove the hassle from old car owners and put the money it collects for a good cause by creating a better and cleaner environment for all. This is one practical application of the idiom of killing two birds with one stone!

Let us all follow this example and donate our car so as to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and save environment for a better future.

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