Home Automation and Energy Saving

by Peter on April 11, 2013

Home automation is the new trend for many homeowners since besides being cool it provides safety for your family and can reduce your energy bill. Home automation nowadays ranges from detectors and monitors, solar panels, controlling your shades, remote access and many more. Automation can now be achieved either through timers or remotely with the usage of a cell phone, tablet or laptop that takes a SIM card.

Securing your Home and saving energy

Keeping our families and property save is has always been our number one priority. Thus the question is how do I achieve this? Here is a list of gadgets that can help you achieve a good level of home security.

Remote Access

With the leaps of technology accessing your files and documents today from anywhere in the world has become a relatively easy task. All it takes is the proper software and an internet connection. If you have a server at home which you have connected various household devices, heating, air-conditioning and lighting you can easily check and turn them off in case you have left them on. If you have electronic blinds or curtains you can open or close them depending on the weather in order to save energy so on the rare occasions that you get a sunny day in the middle of winter you can remotely let the sunlight in to warm your house naturally or even program them to open and close depending on the hour of the day. Today few have adopted such technologies since not many houses have their own server yet but with the progress of technology combined with smart grids this could be a standard feature in the near future.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors have reached a point where they can be easily fit anywhere in your house. You can install them on windows, walls or on a door. What they usually use is infrared technology and with the new modern mounting brackets they can cover angles of up to 180 degrees leaving no room for anyone to pass by undetected.

Coded Automative Door Locks

Usually such locks have a numerical keypad that you have to punch in your code once you enter your house but with the progress in technology many now have the feature of keyless entry that can allow you in many cases to lock your doors from using your Smartphone and entering your code. No worrying about whether you locked the door anymore with extra trips back home that waste fuel and time!

Thermostats and Energy Star Efficient Light Bulbs

We have talked many times about the savings from replacing all your light bulbs with star energy efficient light bulbs either fluorescent or LED ones we even talked about the end of incandescent light bulbs in Europe. Energy star light bulbs might cost more but they last longer and consume up to 90% less energy so depending on your lighting needs savings vary. Getting smart thermostats help you save energy as they monitor your indoor and outdoor temperature providing you with a comfortable indoor temperature that you desire.

 Glass Break Detectors

These tiny miraculous devices are placed near the windows and have a horizontal sensing angle of 360 degrees that will trigger your alarm only when your window glass actually breaks. No more false alarms from birds, cats or roaches touching a window pane.

Window and Door Sensors

It is always a good idea to pair your break detectors with window and door sensors that can trace any movement inside the house when you are not around and can set off the alarm. This way you get to have a decent home security system.

Keep in mind that most burglaries take place usually when no one is home and the favourite entry points for burglars are side entrances, back doors and first floor windows. Simplicity, easiness and a quick in and out is what burglars are looking for so if you have an alarm that goes off once they break in they usually flee the scene and you can now achieve this with technological automations that can save you energy and money. At the same time home automations not only keep you safe but can also save you energy and time from trips back at home to check if you forgot the lights on or if you have forgotten to lock the door.

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