Five Recycling Tips

by Peter on April 17, 2012

Global warming effects are already in place! We feel it in every season of the year with summers being hotter and winters accompanied by more extreme weather phenomena year after year. This calls for immediate action from every one of us. We should all make now a conscious effort to reduce our personal carbon print in so as to avert the worst for our planet. Here are some interesting tips about recycling that can help us achieve a reduction of our carbon print without affecting our lifestyle:

  • Make recycling bins easy to access. Think about it, the most common reason that recyclable items end up in our trash bins is due to the fact that they are conveniently located in our kitchen whereas our recycle bins might be in an inconvenient place such as hidden under the stairs or in our backyard. Thus, by establishing our household recycling center next to our indoor trash bin we can ensure maximum recycling.
  • In the recycling center that you will establish make sure to have three different bins to sort out paper, plastic and glass easily so as to avoid once again the temptation of the trash bin.
  • Children are often more educated about recycling than grownups so you can get them involved in the process to monitor if your household is recycling properly. In addition, you can assign them the responsibility of recyclable items that we usually tend not to pay too much attention because they require a visit to drop off locations such as batteries. Once they are on your case you will never get lazy about recycling
  • Read careful your local recycling company leaflet and get to know what is recycled and what’s not. Different companies have different set of items that you can recycle. Moreover, keep this leaflet somewhere handy i.e. on your refrigerator.
  • Promote recycling by making sure that the items you buy are recyclable. This way you can increase your recycling and reward manufacturers for taking the extra mile of producing recyclable products.

These five simple recycling tips are not hard to implement and if we all follow them they can easily have a positive impact on our carbon print. Furthermore bare in mind that is the last R in the 3 R loop of reduce, reuse and recycle therefore you should first try to implement the first two steps before recycling in order to make the planet more sustainable.

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