Energy Efficiency and the Energy Efficiency Global Forum

by Andy on February 3, 2013

The Energy Efficiency Global Forum 2013 will take place on May 20-21 2013 at Washington D.C. in the USA. It will be a 2 day global event and it will focus on Energy Efficiency, EE. This year’s event will be by invitation only, aiming in partnership building, sharing of ideas and robust debates. It will be hosted by the Alliance to Save Energy, ASE, a non-profit organization.

It is anticipated that the event will be an attraction for hundreds of international leaders and delegates dealing with energy efficiency issues since the EE global forum has become the most influential gathering in energy efficiency of professionals from all over the world.  This exclusive and high level event is expected to create the right environment for high-level networking and idea and innovation sharing in parallel with the specific and concentrated presentations.

Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is the goal of joint efforts of various stakeholders to reduce the amount of energy which is required to produce products and provide different kind of services. The stakeholders come from different areas and industries. Some examples of energy efficiency initiatives are the insulation of houses, the use of solar LED lights, the use of compact fluorescent lamps and many more. It should be noted that energy efficient is the one of the two pillars of the sustainable energy policy of all the nations. The second pillar of the sustainable energy policy is renewable energy. The incentives and motivation behind energy efficiency are many with the two most important being the financial cost savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions in the environment.

Alliance to Save Energy

The EE Global event will be hosted by a non-profit organization called the Alliance to Save Energy, ASE. The alliance is a coalition founded in 1977 by various stakeholders from business, government organisations, environmental and consumer organisations and its purpose is to promote energy efficiency throughout the world.  By promoting and establishing energy efficiency we achieve a healthier and cleaner environment, a healthier and efficient economy and sustainability of our environment and this is what ASE is doing, they promote energy efficiency through research, education and advocacy.

The Energy Efficiency Global Forum 2013

The EE Global Forum is organized by an international steering committee of high-level professionals who are considered authorities in energy efficiency and come from the 5 geographical areas of the world. The agenda will consist of plenary sessions, one for each day, several parallel sessions with executive dialogues and intensive learning sessions. The intensive learning sessions, ILS, aim in giving to attendees an overall forum experience and are hosted by highly respected organisations committed to energy efficiency.

There will be 20 different and very interesting executive dialogue sessions covering a wide spectrum of topics grouped in 8 different categories dealing with Next Generation EE which are: Stakeholder Engagement and education, Technologies, Investment, Infrastructure & Deployment, Buildings, leadership and consumers. The presenters and coordinators of executive dialogues will provide concrete and specific examples of energy efficiency.

The EE Global Forum 2013 is an exclusive, highly prestigious international event and for this reason it is available only by invitation. In case you have not received an invitation you can apply for one and you will become eligible based on the criteria set by the international organizing committee. Once you have received or secured an invitation the event will be free of charge but there some cancellation or now show fees applicable.

Every event caters for networking events and the EE Global Forum 2013 is no exception. There will be 4 different networking events which enable professionals of all disciplines in energy efficiency and from all parts of the world to network, discuss and establish contacts for the improvement of energy efficiency. This is an important function within the forum and should not be underestimated.

We believe that the EE Global forum is probably one of the conferences which have the most impact in energy efficiency and it is an event which should be attended by individuals who are committed in energy efficiency. Once you are in the energy efficiency world you need to be informed and attending such events will certainly put you in an advantageous position. Energy efficiency in a business opportunity in the modern world we live in and this makes the EE Global forum even more interesting.

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