There is no doubt that people are resourceful and this is proven every day in every aspect of our life. A recent innovative taxi service was recently introduced in the streets of Amsterdam and it saves energy, reduces CO2 emissions and saves time to the people using it. The story is about the new Green

Gas prices are on constant high the past few years. There are times that we observe decreases in the price of gas but definitely we never get to see one dollar a gallon, those days unfortunately are long gone. Therefore it is important that we make the most out of

Have you ever considered the amount of energy consumed by your vehicle? In U.S, transportation accounts to approximately 72% of total oil consumption – specifically for gas. If you think you have done everything you could to save energy from using your car then perhaps you are indeed getting the best gas mileage your vehicle

Our actions and lifestyle have both a direct and indirect impact on the environment! Humanity’s aggregated environmental footprint such as exploitation of natural resources, uncontrollable technological progress and unsustainable development, in industry, construction and transportation, has placed global environmental sustainability to great risk and jeopardy. More than ever before, our generation is called to combat