Renewable Energy

I am sure that you know of a lot of water distilling devices which are around in the market. I am not sure if you ever came across a solar powered water distiller.  Solar Powered equipment use the sun’s energy, which is a renewable green energy, instead of electricity

Christmas is the season to be jolly and Christmas decorations are at their peak as they create the right atmosphere for people to be happy. Christmas lights are everywhere and in every size and color. LED lights are used extensively in all houses and businesses. Solar lights are also used in most parts of the

What would you say if you were told that one wind turbine produces energy from the wind and water from the moisture in the air? It is impossible? A French company, Eole Water, has made this possible by creating a wind turbine which produces drinking water from the air moisture. We can safely state that

Wind Powered Charging

by Andy on October 7, 2012

Wind power is one of the renewable energy sources. Wind power can be harnessed and used to produce electricity. Electric vehicles are vehicles which use electricity as their fuel instead of the ordinary cars which use petrol or other fossil fuels. Electric cars need charging, they need to be plugged in to get charged.  Electric

Solar Cinema – A solar application

by Andy on September 27, 2012

Have you heard about the Solar Cinema, Sol cinema? If yes, then be informed that the smallest solar cinema is now a fact. The world’s smallest solar cinema otherwise known as Sol Cinema started operations in the UK. It is another solar application.

Tips for Green Energy at Home

by Dino Green on September 17, 2012

Tips for renewable energy at home – When it comes to renewable energy systems for your home there are several alternative options depending on the specific circumstances of your location and physical features, environmental – climatic conditions and physical characteristics of the location

Solar energy – Sun power; Solar energy is energy powered by the sun – a renewable and abundant source of energy that has been powering life on earth for billions of years. Solar energy reaches the earth through solar radiation (sun rays) and once gathered it can

There is no doubt that green energy is gaining more popularity than ever. New systems are showing up everyday, while more and more people adopt them according to their financial possibilities. There are more or less expensive products out there and everyone can get something useful done for the environment.

When we talk about green buildings we refer to the application of techniques and principles for reducing the environmental footprint of ‘having’ and using a building. Constructing and maintaining a green building incorporates applying green principles at all stages; designing, building and using it.