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If you are about to choose your Christmas lights then we recommend that you choose Solar LED Christmas Lights which are available everywhere in different colors, sizes and variations. There are so many stores, selling so many different brands and variations of Xmas lights that one will definitely need a short guide to be able

How Wind Turbines Work

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by Peter on April 16, 2013

We have all seen the magnificent wind turbine structures while travelling by car or even by air. Yet very few of us have answers to questions such as how do they exactly produce energy? Are there any other uses for wind energy? In this article we will try to provide you with answers to such

With the rise of the cost of electricity we are all thinking that solar panels might be a good solution to at least reduce the energy cost of our house. On the other hand, solar panel technology and installation is not a topic that can be easily understood by most of us so when we

We should all try to reduce our carbon print for the sake of our planet. Such efforts are a necessity with the current climate changes but in many occasions they come with a reduction in our house energy expenses which is a nice benefit.  In specific, the increase in the prices of fossil fuels has caused

Solar Panel Efficiency

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by Peter on March 29, 2013

Solar Panel Efficiency indicates the ratio between output solar power and incident Sun light energy on that Solar Panel. Multiplied by 100 with this ratio, we get the Solar Panel Efficiency in percentage. Scientist already developed 40% efficient solar panel in laboratory. But in practical life we get 16-18% efficiency in quality Solar Panel. That

How Solar Panels Work

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by Peter on March 20, 2013

How solar panel work is a question that many owners and potential owners of solar panels often wonder about. Essentially solar panels consist of a number of solar cells that directly convert solar energy to D. C. Power. These cells are made of semiconductors that generate electricity when they absorb light. Solar cells represent the

Solar Panel Maintenance

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by Peter on March 13, 2013

Solar Panels are by default always exposed to nature. As a result they are also exposed to various elements of nature such as sun, dust, wind, birds’ feces, rain, humidity etc.  Residential solar panels placement is no different from the normal household windows. They are lying flat or at a slight angle which means the rate

Before we can estimate the required size for your autonomous solar panels, we first need to calculate our total energy consumption per day. To do this, we have prepared a practical guide with the simple steps described below: 1. Calculate our total energy consumption First, we need to calculate the energy consumed by our household

Is solar panel cleaning necessary?

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by Peter on February 24, 2013

Most of the owners of solar panels never thought that after buying and installing them they will ever need to perform any kind of maintenance. The most common misconception of all about solar panels maintenance is that solar panels cleaning on a regular basis is not needed. The reason that many people think that cleaning