Green Tips

Ten Going Green Tips

by Peter on May 16, 2012

Going green for most people is associated with Earth’s Day but that should only serve as a reminder of the things we owe to do for our planet with the rest of the days of the year being the ones where we take constant action. We should also keep in mind that going

Before winter comes it is best to keep our homes prepared for the cold weather. The better we are prepared the more energy bills we can save. It doesn’t take too much effort to get prepared; we only need to follow a few easy saving energy tips.

Paper Recycling Facts

by Peter on May 9, 2012

We often hear facts about recycling that we all find interesting. Below is compilation with the most intriguing recycling paper facts with the possible savings and benefits that come from it.

We have all learned to recognize the recycling chasing arrows on packaging and items that we use, which serve as a reminder that we should recycle. In addition to the chasing recycling arrows, we all noticed that in the case of plastic bottles, lids and many other plastic products inside the arrows there is a

If you are planning to install a solar energy system at your home, make sure you address some important issues such as, assessing your home energy needs, accessing solar radiation data for your home area and estimating the appropriate solar energy system size for your needs.

Recycling Facts for Kids

by Peter on April 24, 2012

Kids are tomorrow’s grownups, that is why they should learn today the importance of recycling so that when they are grownups they can help the planet’s environment by recycling properly. Below is a list of recycling facts for kids to help them understand its importance divided into the various streams of it:

Five Recycling Tips

by Peter on April 17, 2012

Global warming effects are already in place! We feel it in every season of the year with summers being hotter and winters accompanied by more extreme weather phenomena year after year. This calls for immediate action from every one of us. We should all make

Fact: In the United States, every person produces an average of 1.460 pounds (662 Kg) of waste every year. There are however a few simple tips that we can all follow in order to significantly reduce the amount of garbage we produce.

An important amount of our electricity bill is spent on lighting. Besides our habits of using lights, (i.e. closing the lights when we are not in a room anymore) light bulbs play an important role in determining how much we spent on lighting. Below is a list of facts about