Green Tips

Pedals power portable coffee machine and saves energy. This is another Green energy saving innovation announced and demonstrated in London, UK. We have recently posted two articles about the use of pedal power. One was the pedal power in prisons to produce electricity and the other was the use of pedal power to wash clothes

Tips for Green Energy at Home

by Dino Green on September 17, 2012

Tips for renewable energy at home – When it comes to renewable energy systems for your home there are several alternative options depending on the specific circumstances of your location and physical features, environmental – climatic conditions and physical characteristics of the location

Reduce Reuse Recycle Tips

by Andy on September 12, 2012

Reduce, reuse and recycle should become part of everybody’s life if we are to succeed in our efforts to save energy, reduce the impact on environment and make our planet a better place to be for us and our children. We all have a responsibility to take actions and however small our contribution is, we

Fossil fuels may be an inexpensive solution for power generation but they pollute the environment and they cannot last forever; that is why we are turning to alternative renewable energy sources to cover for our energy needs at all levels, residential, commercial or utility scale power applications.

If depletion of fossil fuels and harmful atmospheric emissions that lead to global warming, on one hand, and our capacity to exploit the vast potential of solar power, on the other, do not convince you towards adopting alternative energy choices, here are 10 solar energy facts that may help you choose Solar Power for Home.

When summer comes we all try to find ways to feel cooler and be more comfortable inside the house.  During hot periods we spend a lot of our energy bill to reduce the temperature of our house. By getting prepared for summer and by following a few simple steps we can save a lot on our

We all tend to complain when getting our electricity, heating or water bill and most of us tend to deal with the issue as something we cannot do anything about but just keep paying them. Some of us might even think that in order to reduce our utility bills we have to go

Gas prices are on constant high the past few years. There are times that we observe decreases in the price of gas but definitely we never get to see one dollar a gallon, those days unfortunately are long gone. Therefore it is important that we make the most out of

Have you ever considered the amount of energy consumed by your vehicle? In U.S, transportation accounts to approximately 72% of total oil consumption – specifically for gas. If you think you have done everything you could to save energy from using your car then perhaps you are indeed getting the best gas mileage your vehicle