Energy Conservation

In continuation from energy saving tips – house wall insulation, in the case of solid walls, insulation is applied to either the inside or the outside surface. In contrary to the case of cavity walls, where insulation is usually applied by filling the middle gap, insulating a solid wall is considered of primal importance as

Continuing from previous article on energy saving tips – house wall insulation, in the case of cavity walls, insulation is applied by filling the gap between the two wall layers with insulating material. What a good performing insulating material does is to keep heat inside in winter and keep heat from entering in your home

It has been calculated that around 35% of all heat losses in homes with poor or no insulation is wasted through the walls. As in first law of thermodynamics, heat flows from a hotter body to a colder one until thermal equilibrium is reached. So in winter, heat flows from inside (hotter) to the outside,

Many companies around the world have initiated energy saving programs and try to promote energy efficiency initiatives. Companies have introduced initiatives like the Energy champions or new positions like the Energy Officer but have soon realized that nothing can succeed unless they engage their employees.

The light bulbs that we used to be familiar with, the incandescent or filament light bulbs have come to their end, at least in the European Union. As from September 1st 2012 the EU has put an end to the circulation of the common light bulbs or conventional incandescent light bulbs. This is part of

While we were looking for innovations about Green Energy we came across an innovation by Giradora which not only saves energy but helps the poor masses to improve their quality of life and protect the environment. This innovation is known as the pedal-powered washing machine!

An innovative way to produce Clean Green Energy was piloted in Brazil. The idea is simple. Prison inmates were asked to produce Green Energy while exercising and as a reward for their participation their time in prison is shaved off at an agreed rate! It is the idea: you reduce time as you produce green

Reduce Reuse Recycle Facts

by Andy on August 28, 2012

Reduce, Reuse and recycle is the slogan of the 21st Century with a lot of meaning and commitment towards green energy savings, increase corporate social responsibility and commitment for the reduction of C02 emissions. This slogan and commitment is also known as the three R’s initiative and it is the slogan of the 21st century

In our article, How to Reduce PC Power Consumption, we have provided several selection criteria for centralized software that would monitor, calculate and measure the PC power consumption. The statistics that would be given vary from low, to maximum and to average power consumption but one can get his/hers reports by using tools to access