Efficient Energy Usage

In our article, How to Reduce PC Power Consumption, we have provided several selection criteria for centralized software that would monitor, calculate and measure the PC power consumption. The statistics that would be given vary from low, to maximum and to average power consumption but one can get his/hers reports by using tools to access

It is well known within the IT industry that there is room for electricity cost savings and that an effective and efficient centralized power management of the corporate PCs can significantly reduce their power consumption. The basic savings can come from either unused or idle PCs and it can be up to 50% compared to

When we talk about green buildings we refer to the application of techniques and principles for reducing the environmental footprint of ‘having’ and using a building. Constructing and maintaining a green building incorporates applying green principles at all stages; designing, building and using it.

Price hikes on fossil fuels such as oil have pushed homeowners into looking for alternative ways of heating their homes that are more efficient and result into savings. One of the options that is gaining popularity is the installation of wood pellet boilers.

When summer comes we all try to find ways to feel cooler and be more comfortable inside the house.  During hot periods we spend a lot of our energy bill to reduce the temperature of our house. By getting prepared for summer and by following a few simple steps we can save a lot on our

We all tend to complain when getting our electricity, heating or water bill and most of us tend to deal with the issue as something we cannot do anything about but just keep paying them. Some of us might even think that in order to reduce our utility bills we have to go

Before winter comes it is best to keep our homes prepared for the cold weather. The better we are prepared the more energy bills we can save. It doesn’t take too much effort to get prepared; we only need to follow a few easy saving energy tips.

minimize energy losses from window openings by using energy-efficient glass and frames – learn some easy tips that can help you save money on your energy bill

The 7th International Conference on Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings (IEECB 2012) will be held Frankfurt Germany from the 18th until the 19th of April. The conference is organized by EU’s DG Joint Research Center together with the Building Performance Congress and Messe Frankfurt. The conference is geared towards energy