About us

Our actions and lifestyle have both a direct and indirect impact on the environment!

Humanity’s aggregated environmental footprint such as exploitation of natural resources, uncontrollable technological progress and unsustainable development, in industry, construction and transportation, has placed global environmental sustainability to great risk and jeopardy.

More than ever before, our generation is called to combat by immediate actions the environmental challenges and risks that have been imposed by past generations through ‘environmentally-unethical and inconsiderate practices.

Current Global Energy Demand is increasing at an unsustainable pace; to power  modern civilisations we need to generate tremendous amounts of energy  for which we currently consume tremendous quantities of fossil fuels (oil and gas). This consumption of fossil fuels harms the environment because it leads to the depletion of fossil fuels and erosion of the ecosystem and it contributes negatively to global warming. This happens because consumption of conventional fossil fuels emits harmful gasses into the atmosphere leading to increased concentration of pollutant gases, such as CO2, SO2, SH4 etc. These gasses prevent solar radiation, which is being reflected by the earth’s surface, from escaping the earth’s atmosphere thus creating a ‘greenhouse effect’ and global warming.

To combat such environmental challenges we need to drastically reduce emissions of green-house gasses into the atmosphere. In order to achieve this we need to become aware of the variables in a simple environmental equation.To reduce consumption of fossil fuels we must reduce our energy demands and, also, substitute fossil fuels with alternative, renewable energy sources that do not harm the environment.

Additionally we should consider avoiding actions that may have a negative impact on the environment and start developing a mentality towards ‘sustainable living’!

Through simple guiding tips, advice and information this site reflects our efforts to promote ‘sustainable green living’ and adoption of ‘energy saving’ at the most crucial level; that of the individual. We believe this has now become an achievable task because “environmental sustainability” has eventually become directly related to “economic-financial sustainability”.

Consequently, helping save the environment will also save you money!