A Reduce Reuse Recycle example

by Andy on November 1, 2012

After writing a few articles about the 3Rs, Reduce Reuse Recycle, we believe that it would be a good idea to start seeing examples and innovations in this direction. There are many examples and we will try to give examples from various aspects of our life. The 3Rs should become of everybody’s life.

A recent innovation in this area has been the launch of a new clothing fabric which has been produced from recycled material from a landfill!  Could someone ever imagine the possibility to use recycled materials to make durable fabric which can be used to make performance wear and other durable clothes? Yes this is now possible and this new fabric has been presented at the EcoPrint show in Berlin in September 2012.

The US company Vapor Apparel is salvaging plastic and other relative material form scrap yards and landfills and then breaks them down into mush. Then mush is used as raw material in a spinning process through the use of airjets and the fiber is formed. The fiber produced is used to form 100% recycled performance fabric named as Eco Spin fabric. Eco spin performance fabric resembles the feel of cotton with additional advantages.

What do we achieve with this process and how are the 3Rs satisfied?

We reduce the waste in the landfills by removing the plastic and related material which is used for the process. We reuse the plastic instead of burying it in landfills. We recycle the plastic by making useful performance fabric. So the 3Rs are fully satisfied.

The whole process also reduces the impact on the environment. It is well known that the textile industry has a large environmental footprint since the whole production process for manufacturing polyester involves the use of oil, pesticides and great amounts of energy and water.  Therefore this new ecological and environment friendly manufacturing process developed by Vapor Apparel reduces the company’s ecological footprint.

A reduce reuse recycle example

The fabric produced is not only more durable but it also absorbs and evaporates water and perspiration more efficiently than other fabrics. It also dries faster thus making its use for sportswear more attractive.

This example is one, perhaps the most recent, of many examples of new business models adopted by the fashion and textile industry in an attempt to become greener and reduce their environmental footprint.

We will make the effort to identify and present many more innovative cases of business process re-engineering which fall under the 3Rs, reduce reuse recycle, concept in an attempt to promote the concept and make it a way of life for all us.

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