Energy saving at home: 12 tips for kids

by Dino Green on February 13, 2012

Saving energy is the fastest, simplest and cheapest way of reducing environmental pollution by reduction of consumption of fossil fuels, such as oil.By following these 12 simple energy saving tips you can help save the environment and save money.1.Electric appliances and lighting

Make it a habit to switch off lights when exiting unused rooms, and turn off electric appliances that are not used. Normal, energy consuming, light bulbs, should be replaced with more economical and energy efficient ones.


 2. Sun and the nature

Use nature as much as possible to compensate for our energy needs; for heating and cooling.

In winter during sunny days we should keep window curtains and shading wide open to let the sun inside so as to heat the interior, and close them back when the sun goes down to keep the heat inside for longer.

In summer, during daytime keep shadings and curtains closed to keep out the heat from sun radiation; during night, open windows to let the breeze cool your interior.

3. Heating and cooling

Keep all doors and windows closed while heating or air-conditioning is on. Keep an eye for any openings or gaps that may leak heat outside.

We remind our parents not to obstruct our heating elements with any furniture or other equipment. It is very important to dress appropriately and according to weather even indoors.


Our fridge should be keep as far as possible from sources of heat such as cooker and oven.  Remember not to open the fridge door unless necessary and for a short time and never put hot dishes in the fridge. Remind our parents that pressure cookers are more energy efficient than normal open pans.

 5.Buy green appliances

When buying new electric appliances such as refrigerator, cooker, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, air-conditioning units, etc, we should always go for energy efficient appliances. To assure this we always check on the energy rating etiquette of each appliance to be A or A+.

 6.Saving water

Hot water should be used sparingly and when needed – always remember to check for leaks in water taps. We ask our parents to install a solar water heater on our rooftop especially if in location with sunny weather.

 7. Washing machine and Dryer

We remind our parents that electric dryers consume a lot of energy; whenever possible we should try to let our cloths dry naturally under the sun.

We should always use washing machines and dryers when at full load (without overloading though) and at economical washing cycles.

 8. Ironing

Electric ironing consumes a lot of energy;  to save energy we should always choose appropriate ironing temperatures (according to cloths ironing instructions) and try not to interrupt the ironing process; turning the iron on and off will waste a lot of energy and money. Also remember that not all cloths may need ironing (e.g. towels, socks, etc.)

 9. Printing and paper

Avoid printing documents unless necessary – having this in mind will help save a lot of printing paper, toner and electricity. If possible try to print on both paper sides and use recycled paper.

When buying computers peripherals and other office appliances, make sure they can operate under ‘sleep mode’ and that they are compliant with energy star.

 10. Thermal Insulation

It is important to know and share with our parents and friends that a house with double-glazed windows and thermal insulation saves energy and money. Properly insulating our home will reduce heat from escaping during winter and will keep from entering inside during hot summer days.  Energy efficient homes should be specifically designed from the beginning for reducing energy needs and energy consumption.

11. Use Renewable Energy Sources

We inform our parents that by using renewable energy sources we can reduce energy consumption in every building. In our homes we can use solar thermal systems to heat our water for household needs or for space heating. Photovoltaic systems can be installed to produce electricity from the sun. Other renewable energy systems are geothermal installations,. Wind turbines.

12. Transportation

Whenever possible, try using the bus or a bicycle or ever go on foot. We remind our parents while driving that low speed smooth driving can help save fuel.  Moreover, proper car maintenance may increase energy efficiency and reduce energy waste.

For more energy saving tips and information you may refer to “Energy Saving Tips – easy, low cost tips to save energy at home

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