5 ways to save electricity

by Peter on March 17, 2012

When we talk about electricity saving tips people tend to think of the financial benefits which is only one side of the story. Saving electricity does save us money at the same time though it helps saving the environment since most of the electricity we use is produced from fossil fuels which translate into carbon dioxide emissions.  Below are five useful tips on how to save electricity:

  1. Replace all you incandescent bulbs at home with led or fluorescent bulbs Energy STAR says that if all households in the US replaced just one light bulb with an energy efficient bulb, it would create savings enough to light 3 million homes for a whole year. That translates to roughly $600 million a year. Furthermore greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by almost 9 billion pounds a year. This is the same as taking off the roads 800,000 cars.
  2. When is time to replace your washing machine instead of top loader consider a front loader. The initial cost might be higher but the savings from electricity and water will not just cover the difference but will even save you money in the long run.
  3. Turn the temperature of you washing machine to as low as to 30 degrees. Modern detergents work perfectly fine at this level.
  4. Turning appliances off when not using them is no brainer but did you know that when in standby mode they consume up to 90% of the energy they would if they were off? So turn off all appliances completely when not in use.
  5. Consider installing ceiling fans. In the summer they can help you cool off and use your ac less and in their winter mode can help the warm air that goes up the ceiling to circulate around the room

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