March 2013

Solar Panel Efficiency

by Peter on March 29, 2013

Solar Panel Efficiency indicates the ratio between output solar power and incident Sun light energy on that Solar Panel. Multiplied by 100 with this ratio, we get the Solar Panel Efficiency in percentage. Scientist already developed 40% efficient solar panel in laboratory. But in practical life we get 16-18% efficiency in quality Solar Panel. That

Green Diet

by Anton Right on March 27, 2013

Going Green is not all about reducing your energy bills and recycling. It is also about adopting a green diet, by preferring more environmentally friendly foods. It is important to understand how our food choices can help save the environment. The following green diet tips will not only help you to save money but will

Reduce Reuse Recycle is known to the environmentally conscious consumers by the term of 3Rs. In the 3Rs term the first R stands for Reduce and the idea behind it, is that we should buy goods only when we need them and avoid buying unnecessary ones.  The second R stands for Reuse and the idea

Composting for Kids

by Peter on March 22, 2013

It has been said that children of today are the future for tomorrow that is why it is necessary that children learn how to protect and help the environment at an early age. Educating kids on how we convert waste into compost through the process of composting is one of the ways in getting them

How Solar Panels Work

by Peter on March 20, 2013

How solar panel work is a question that many owners and potential owners of solar panels often wonder about. Essentially solar panels consist of a number of solar cells that directly convert solar energy to D. C. Power. These cells are made of semiconductors that generate electricity when they absorb light. Solar cells represent the

Glass is present everywhere. In our house we use glass in the form of mirror, windows, jars etc. It is also present in modern technology equipment from electric bulb to computer screen. But we never really pay attention to it since we take it for granted. How it is manufactured? Where the basic element comes

Most of us have gardens in our houses and we are very much interested in gardening. On the other hand, we preserve the plants but we all forget to preserve the soil which nourishes them. We can enhance the soil by means of making compost which needs only garden and kitchen waste to be produced.

Solar Panel Maintenance

by Peter on March 13, 2013

Solar Panels are by default always exposed to nature. As a result they are also exposed to various elements of nature such as sun, dust, wind, birds’ feces, rain, humidity etc.  Residential solar panels placement is no different from the normal household windows. They are lying flat or at a slight angle which means the rate

Our lifestyles are now very much facilitated and secured  by scientific innovation. Scientific innovation has given us many products that makes our life quite comfortable. However, sometimes, these products have an adverse effect on the environment. Plastic is one such product. We use plastic in preparing comfortable and easily usable products like bottles, jars, chair,