February 2013

Before we can estimate the required size for your autonomous solar panels, we first need to calculate our total energy consumption per day. To do this, we have prepared a practical guide with the simple steps described below: 1. Calculate our total energy consumption First, we need to calculate the energy consumed by our household

Is solar panel cleaning necessary?

by Peter on February 24, 2013

Most of the owners of solar panels never thought that after buying and installing them they will ever need to perform any kind of maintenance. The most common misconception of all about solar panels maintenance is that solar panels cleaning on a regular basis is not needed. The reason that many people think that cleaning

Going Green Tips

by Anton Right on February 13, 2013

“We must save the environment”, “we need to reduce CO2 emissions”, “we must recycle”. These are some of the “clichés” we all say when we talk about going green. However, most of us all we do is to recycle glass, plastics and paper. But is this enough? Is that all we need to do in

In our effort in keeping our houses cool during the hot summer days our first thought is turning on the air conditioning system, if we already have one, or buying one. This is probably the best and fastest solution in reaching a desirable indoor temperature. However, before you decide to use an air conditioner, you

The Energy Efficiency Global Forum 2013 will take place on May 20-21 2013 at Washington D.C. in the USA. It will be a 2 day global event and it will focus on Energy Efficiency, EE. This year’s event will be by invitation only, aiming in partnership building, sharing of ideas and robust debates. It will