August 2012

An innovative way to produce Clean Green Energy was piloted in Brazil. The idea is simple. Prison inmates were asked to produce Green Energy while exercising and as a reward for their participation their time in prison is shaved off at an agreed rate! It is the idea: you reduce time as you produce green

Reduce Reuse Recycle Facts

by Andy on August 28, 2012

Reduce, Reuse and recycle is the slogan of the 21st Century with a lot of meaning and commitment towards green energy savings, increase corporate social responsibility and commitment for the reduction of C02 emissions. This slogan and commitment is also known as the three R’s initiative and it is the slogan of the 21st century

In our article, How to Reduce PC Power Consumption, we have provided several selection criteria for centralized software that would monitor, calculate and measure the PC power consumption. The statistics that would be given vary from low, to maximum and to average power consumption but one can get his/hers reports by using tools to access

It is well known within the IT industry that there is room for electricity cost savings and that an effective and efficient centralized power management of the corporate PCs can significantly reduce their power consumption. The basic savings can come from either unused or idle PCs and it can be up to 50% compared to

Solar energy – Sun power; Solar energy is energy powered by the sun – a renewable and abundant source of energy that has been powering life on earth for billions of years. Solar energy reaches the earth through solar radiation (sun rays) and once gathered it can

There is no doubt that green energy is gaining more popularity than ever. New systems are showing up everyday, while more and more people adopt them according to their financial possibilities. There are more or less expensive products out there and everyone can get something useful done for the environment.