June 2012

If depletion of fossil fuels and harmful atmospheric emissions that lead to global warming, on one hand, and our capacity to exploit the vast potential of solar power, on the other, do not convince you towards adopting alternative energy choices, here are 10 solar energy facts that may help you choose Solar Power for Home.

In previous article “Solar Energy facts – basic solar energy systems” we have reviewed how Solar energy systems can be classified into three main categories – solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and passive solar systems. Herein we review some important advantages and disadvantages of Photovoltaic (PV) panels.

When summer comes we all try to find ways to feel cooler and be more comfortable inside the house.  During hot periods we spend a lot of our energy bill to reduce the temperature of our house. By getting prepared for summer and by following a few simple steps we can save a lot on our

Solar energy systems are technological applications that exploit solar power, energy supplied by the sun, and transform it in other forms of energy that can be useful to us; such as electricity to power our electric appliances or thermal energy to use it directly for heating purposes.