March 2012

Even though air-conditioning and heating make up for around half of the consumption for a household there is still the other half to consider. Below is a list from saving energy and water from your washing machine:

Your refrigerator is one of the appliances at home that consumes a significant amount of electricity since is probably the only one that works 24 hours a day.  It is estimated that in a household the refrigerator consumption of electricity can be up to 14% of its total, ranking it

5 ways to save electricity

by Peter on March 17, 2012

When we talk about electricity saving tips people tend to think of the financial benefits which is only one side of the story. Saving electricity does save us money at the same time though it helps saving the environment since most of the electricity we use is

8 Tips for Saving Water

by Peter on March 10, 2012

With the Greenhouse phenomenon water is becoming a scarce resource. It’s been said that in the future many of the wars that will take place will be over water. But that’s not just the whole story, by cutting back on your water consumption you save energy and reduce