January 2012

According to the Buildings Energy Data Book 2010, space heating accounts for about 45% of our home utility bill and together with space  cooling they sum up to 53% of electricity expenses. Around half of space heating needs and double the amount of energy for space cooling comes consumption for water heating at about 18%

Easy, practical and low cost tips to save energy, save money and help improve the environment. Energy saving tips is a practical guide we have put together in a series of different areas to help you save money by reducing energy consumption at home, at work or by usage of your vehicle or transportation. Various

When we hear about green living immediately we tend to think of recycling. Green living though is not just about recycling. It involves a number of actions that each of us can take in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint either as individuals, members of an

Our actions and lifestyle have both a direct and indirect impact on the environment! Humanity’s aggregated environmental footprint such as exploitation of natural resources, uncontrollable technological progress and unsustainable development, in industry, construction and transportation, has placed global environmental sustainability to great risk and jeopardy. More than ever before, our generation is called to combat