If you are about to choose your Christmas lights then we recommend that you choose Solar LED Christmas Lights which are available everywhere in different colors, sizes and variations. There are so many stores, selling so many different brands and variations of Xmas lights that one will definitely need a short guide to be able

Never before has Man been quite so concerned about his impact upon the environment. Before transport networks and industry provided more affordable and efficient methods, there was perhaps some level of ecological development, though this was made primarily out of necessity. Building materials would be locally sourced;

Gardening has so far being considered a leisure activity. Today, having a vegetable garden can actually be a quite rewarding activity for its owners and it is much more than just a hobby since besides giving you the organic vegetables you can also reduce your carbon print!   Reasons and Advantages of Having Your Own

We have talked in many of our articles about the importance of energy saving and conservation and we have so far described a number of techniques and given you dozens of tips on how to go on about achieving it. Some of the tips and techniques we have talked about come with a high initial

How Wind Turbines Work

by Peter on April 16, 2013

We have all seen the magnificent wind turbine structures while travelling by car or even by air. Yet very few of us have answers to questions such as how do they exactly produce energy? Are there any other uses for wind energy? In this article we will try to provide you with answers to such

Your house is probably one of the biggest assets you own. Renovating and maintaining it is one of the best ways to increase its market value. Even though a renovation might be costly, if it is done smartly and green it can result into significant savings since your electricity and water bill can be reduced.

Home automation is the new trend for many homeowners since besides being cool it provides safety for your family and can reduce your energy bill. Home automation nowadays ranges from detectors and monitors, solar panels, controlling your shades, remote access and many more. Automation can now be achieved either through timers or remotely with the

With the rise of the cost of electricity we are all thinking that solar panels might be a good solution to at least reduce the energy cost of our house. On the other hand, solar panel technology and installation is not a topic that can be easily understood by most of us so when we

Recycling is the process of making new products from already used materials. As a result of recycling dramatic changes in the manufacturing industry have taken place. In addition the process of recycling improves our environment and our quality of life. Unfortunately though, most of us do not know the benefits of recycling and the reasons